Thematic areas

There are key pillars on which all our work is based and these are the fields that align with our objectives as UFAAS. As such alot of resources are directed to these endeavours & these areas include:

  • Institutional Strengthening of UFAAS

    Setting up an institutional framework at national and regional levels in Uganda that will uphold and anchor all the other components.
    Achievements so far:

     Registration at the national level- over 100; 24 Organizations are already paid-up)
    &nbspGovernance structure set-up (Board); Focal point desk;
    &nbspregional mobilization of AEAS actors at district level; registered members (-up);
    &nbspstrategic direction and a financial policy;
    &nbspIFAD funding and partnerships

  • Networking and Information Sharing

    Promoting information exchange and shared learning by creating mechanisms that facilitate networking, information generation and sharing, and professional interaction among AAS providers and other actors in Uganda.
    Achievements so far:

     links to AFAAS networking platform
     showcasing UFAAS at national and global levels
     Supported inventory of four 4 and exhibition of 6 innovative approaches
     Organized a national conference on agri. extension and advisory services -171 (35 women); agric.
     Engagement of the media actors involved in agricultural reporting

  • Professionalizing AEAS System in Uganda

    Promotion and enforcement of professionalism and ethical conduct among members through standards, platforms for professional exchange and offering resources and opportunities towards this target.

     Plans: Lobby government to establish standards for agricultural extension

  • Capacity Development

    Working with its partners to ensure access by its members to resources and opportunities for training, innovation and recognition.
    Achievements so far:

     Training of 15 members on virtual platform use
     specific capacity gaps of extension managers and policy makers identified; preferred channels of communication identified
     14 innovative approaches in Uganda assessed with a purpose of dissemination and upscaling.

  • Advocacy and Lobbying

    Contributing to the creation of an enabling environment for efficient and effective provision of AEAS through recognition and visibility of AEAS and influencing policy.
    Achievements so far:

     Position on the proposed NAADS reforms sent to cabinet and press statement published -30th May 2014;
     dialogue on the extension policy direction -April -April 2013;
     several engagements with parliamentary committee on Agriculture; contribution to the plant variety and health protection bills - August-December 2013
     participated and contribute to various colloquia on Extension by Food Rights Alliance
     Position paper on the involvement of the army in extension discussed with the Minister-MAAIF and also published in the press