Chairperson's message


Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) have an enormous task of facilitating the agricultural transformation process in Uganda. As a result of policy reforms over the past decade, agricultural extension services in the country have moved away from being solely publicly provided to pluralism characterised by increasing participation by the private sector, civil society, and farmers’ organizations. This major shift not only brought many innovations and accomplishments, but also needs and challenges. Unlike other professions, AEAS lacked a forum that facilitates networking, experience sharing, professional accountability and identification of common solutions to challenges faced. The Uganda Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (UFAAS) was launched in May 2011 to address this need. UFAAS brings together all the providers and actors not only to promote sound AEAS provision, but also to conduct lobbying, advocacy and marketing of the work that they do in the country. I welcome you to explore UFAAS website which provides a great opportunity for information sharing and networking to a broad range of AEAS actors. Through it, the actors are connected to the wider global community and can participate in various activities which enhance their capacities and contribution at various levels including our ultimate targets, the farmers. The website is very dynamic and is updated and reviewed regularly to accommodate the changes in our services and products. I encourage you to contact us in case of inquiries, suggestions, complaints and any other forms of feedback. If you are an AEAS actor, please use the form applicable to you to register

Thank you for visiting our website.

Henry Nsereko

Chairperson UFAAS.