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2nd AFAAS- Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week 2015

The African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) held its first Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week in Gaborone Botswana, in August 2013, which brought together over 300 delegates from more than fourty countries within and outside Africa. The delegates underscored the fact that Africa faced key challenges in agricultural productivity, because farmers did not get optimal value for their efforts and from their land potential. 

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CMiA helps Ugandan farmers with sustainable cotton farming

Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) and its Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative, are supporting Ugandan farmers through sustainable cotton farming.

With successful verification of the Western Uganda Cotton Company (WUCC) and the cooperating cotton farmers, around 5,400 smallholder farmers are benefitting from CMiA.

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Farmers to benefit from processed bean innovation

Most farmers engaged in growing the bean legume crop have been doing it on small scale mainly for food consumption sold in markets within the country. Beans are rich in protein, the reason why in Uganda, it is mainly consumed in schools. However, many families especially those living in urban areas tend to avoid eating of beans because it requires a lot of energy to cook it. With the innovation of processing beans to make it half cooked ready for the market by agricultural scientists in East Africa, this could change. 

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