Announcement, call for Papers and Posters, and Registration 2017

AFAAS and SASAE together with DAFF will be holding a joint conference on the theme of “Scaling up climate smart agriculture (CSA): integrating youth, women, and the digital revolution”.
The theme was selected in recognition of the fact that climate change is having grave impacts on resource-poor African farmers and increasingly contributing to food losses along the whole value chain. According to the World Bank Group, FAO and IFAD (2015), CSA is an approach that can help to guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate. Hence agricultural extension and advisory services (AEAS) should reorient and re-equip themselves to provide farmers and other actors in agricultural innovation systems with the knowledge and technologies they need to identify agricultural strategies and practices suitable to their local conditions.
The joint conference will focus on the following sub-themes:
     1. Integrating youth and women in CSA
     2. Scaling up ICT innovations for CSA
     3. Scalable CSA technologies and innovations
     4. Capacity development for scaling up CSA innovations
     5. Knowledge management for CSA
     6. Innovation for entrepreneurship

Individuals and organisations/institutions are hereby invited to prepare proposals / abstracts of papers or posters on:
(a) Topics related to the central theme of the conference or any of the above related sub-themes.
(b) Any other extension related proposals or submissions that are not directly related to the conference theme, but are of potential interest and value to conference participants.
Research and philosophically based papers, as well as papers based on practical experience, will be considered. However, proposals / abstracts related to the central conference theme will receive preference. All proposals will be peer reviewed and for this purpose the following is required: (If your proposal does not comply to this, it will not be accepted.) Please find and download details of this Announcement HERE.